Piernikowe serduszka z filcu… Felt Christmas Hearts …

8 Gru


Piernikowe serduszka z filcu

Felt Christmas Hearts

I’d love to have one with a cup of hot chocolate. :)

Some more ideas for Christmas decorations. You can hang them on the Christmas tree or give as a little Chrismas gift.

or… send some love to Everyone who Needs it.

These days, I think, Ukraine needs it! So one of my Hearts goes to support Ukraine!to give them strenght!

And One of the Hearts goes to Lithuania where ” the  lovely project – Lithuania loves Poland ” is going on. That’s great when good ideas appear! it’s great when people have power and want to do Something.

I hope that this Christmas will be lovely and sweet like these hearts.



and some more…


How to make Felt Christmas Hearts?

It’s easy to make them. Look at my yesterday post (Felt Gingerbread Man). It’s the same way of making the hearts. It’s just the shape  what makes them different.


Komentarze 4 to “Piernikowe serduszka z filcu… Felt Christmas Hearts …”

  1. Tygrys Grudzień 21, 2013 @ 06:22 #

    Well… Our Xmass tree is missing a few, I hope you’ll be willing to make some for us ;-)… By the way, we wouldn’t mind if you’re drop them off yourself… I doubt you’ll make it this Xmass though :-(…late notice, I know… Well, you are more than welcome any time, and you know it! See ya!

    • la cult Grudzień 21, 2013 @ 17:56 #

      Well… maybe Father Christmas or Santa Claus, as you call him : ), will surprise you : ). Thank you so much for your invitation! I will be more than happy to see all of you and I hope soon I (we) will make it! Happy Christmas! The greatest thing about Xmas is that Father Christmas comes to everyone who believes in HIM!

      • Tygrys Grudzień 22, 2013 @ 01:52 #

        Well… That’s true, also the advantage of you coming over winter time- means more people „willing” to shovel the snow of our driveway! Isn’t that nice or what??? You’ve seen the driveway we’ve got, wright? It’s the size of a small parking lot!!Lol! Trust me, work out for free! No gym necessary! Hahaha! Free admissions! But seriously, I can get some cookies out of you while you’re here! Till the next time than!

      • la cult Grudzień 22, 2013 @ 15:25 #

        sounds great : ) next Xmas we should make together! that shoveling the snow of your driveway is really tempting : )! :)


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