Gift-wraping time!

13 Gru

Christmas Bags – Torebki świąteczne


….in festive mood…

Tips and techniques : )

Today I’m going to show you that wraping presents doesn’t have to be boring or tiring. You make just one move and your presents land in a Chrismas bag – a special bag,a bag you will make youreself! And this is not boring, no way!

You need jus one grey bag. It’s great when you can use all the staff that you’ve been gatherng for ages. Something that you could’t throw away… : ) beacuse, you thought, you would need them one day.

1. First gather all of the staff you will need.

2. Take a grey bag.

3. Decorate your bag in a way you like (fist just arrange everything without sticking anything first, then you will avoid mistakes : ) when you don’t like your composition you can always change it).

4. When you think you finished your composition stick everything to your bag. It’s useful to have a hot glue gun!

Here are some my ides. I used the old bags. One of them was in a quite bad condition, and one already had an orange slice on it. So i had to make such a composition to conceal their defects. And that’s really funny! : )






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