How to make a Christmas wreath…?

14 Gru

7Christmas Wreath

Wianuszek Bożonarodzeniowy

Christmas Time always brings to mind good memories. That’s why, I think, I love making such things.

And I can spend long hours forgetting the rest of the world..

Today I would like to show how you can make a simple Chrismas Wreath.

The greatest thing is that you can use the old things: a ribbon that you got on Birthday (as I did) or a bowknot that was a decoration of last Christams gifts… The only thing I bought was „a base – a straw wreath” that I used to make my Christmas Wreath.

Here are some tips you can use to make your own Christmas Wreath:

1. straw wreath


2. enwrap a wreath.


3. its’ ready


4. now, use another ribbon and enwrap the writh again


5. attach baubles


6. attach a bowknot,I used the old one : )


Now the wreath is ready!




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